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Shibboleth/ DFN-AAI


Shibboleth is a software, developed by Internet2 / MACE, which implements a distributed authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI). This allows the user a uniform access to resources on the Internet which are provided by different suppliers, the so-called service providers (SP). The concept of Shibboleth is that the user needs to authenticate once in their home network to access services or licensed contents of different suppliers from any location/independent from the location. (Single Sign-on).





The Hannover Medical School is a member in the DFN-AAI, the authentication and authorisation infrastructure of the DFN association and fulfils the highest reliability class “Advanced”. Basically all official suppliers of the DFN-AAI are supported. However, for many of these services need to be activated by the Administrator of the service provider.


On the web pages of the different service providers (official supplier) "Shibboleth Login", „Login about DFN-AAI“, „Login about institute“ or the similar must be selected.


All registered institutions are listed. Here „Hannover Medical School” must be selected.


For registration the Domainkennung/PW of the MHH needs to be used.


The employees and students of the MHH have access to the following services:



In addition the following services are accessible for employees:


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