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    The management of the center for information management (ZIMt) is responsible for setting and implementing the strategic guidelines concerning personnel, targets and expenditure.

    The ZIMt management consists of the MHH-CIO and the department heads of ZIMt.

    The most relevant responsibilities are:

    • Definition and evolution of the IT strategy of the MHH in coordination with the MHH board of directors

    • Implementation of the organizational guidelines for ZIMt

    • Definition of the yearly plans concerning personnel, projects and budgets

    • Operative leadership of ZIMt

    • Development of quality management within ZIMt

    • Regular reporting of the ZIMt activities to the MHH board of directors

    • Consultation with the MHH board of directors concerning IT-related strategic issues.



  • Management of the executive department


    Dr. Rita Schulz (komm.)

    OE 8700


    Telefon: +49 511 532-6543

    Fax: +49 511 532-4646



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