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Department of Clinical Applications

  • The department of clinical applications is responsible for supporting users in clinical environments. We take care of components of the hospital information system used in nursing care units, outpatient areas and ancillary departments for diagnostic or treatment. Primarily, we ensure that the right data are provided in the right place at the right time to the person in charge. That covers medical documentation in general as well as the order communication with ancillary departments or logistic service facilities.


    Our main activities are in detail:

    • conceptional design and development of the HIS (hospital information system)
    • project management in terms of integrating commercial software into the HIS
    • evaluation and consolidation of software and peripheral devices
    • demand planning for clinical departments
    • in-house development of applications
    • application support and supervision of interfaces
    • updating standards of peripheral devices
    • IT-trend monitoring
    • offering general advice and information about networks, software and peripheral devices.


    Within the scope of our activities, our main goal is to provide continuous further developments of our HIS.



  • Head of Department


    Dipl.-Inform. Dr. Rita Schulz

    Department of Clinical Applications

    OE 8730


    Phone: +49 (0)511 532-6539



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