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Administrative Application Systems

  • The department of ‘’Administrative Application Systems’’ is responsible for the support of all IT related enquiries concerning business management and administration. This includes, among other things, the administration of patients from admission to accounting, finances, controlling, management of human resources and facilities, medical technology and also logistics.


    The duties include specifically:

    • General consulting concerning network, device and software enquiries

    • Conception and development of the MHH hospital information systems

    • Evaluation and selection of software and peripheral devices

    • Planning of requirements and application submission for the corresponding funds with the Administration

    • Planning and coordination of IT projects for the introduction of commercial IT Systems

    • Analysis of requirements, creation of concepts and realisation and accompaniment of MHH specific solutions where no commercial alternatives are available

    • Creation and supervision of applications and intersections

    • Maintenance and development of standards for the IT periphery

    • Monitoring of current IT Trends

    The supervised IT application components are the MHH ERP system, which covers all business processes including all integrated internal and external MHH components. Examples include the acquisition information system and the embedded supplier catalogues. This also necessitates the handling of common tools for software development, for the design of standard forms and for the implementation of evaluation results.


    An important aspect is to always consider all reports of needs, acquisitions and installations in the overall context of the MHH information systems, and to continually advance the development of these information systems in terms of functionality and software technology.

  • Head of Department


    Dipl.-Inform. Tatjana Neitz-Kluge

    Administrative Anwendungssysteme

    OE 8770


    Telefon: +49 (0)511 532-6578

    Mobil: 17 6578



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