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Future Events

ZIB Diary

October 2017
3rd - 13th: Orientation Weeks
16th: HBRS Opening Ceremony

November 2017
9th: Submission Deadline
14th: Retreat for the Class of 2016 in Hannover
January 2018
15th: ZIB General Assembly
26th: PhD final exams
February 2018
7th: Retreat for the Class of 2015
March 2018
14th: Intermediate Exam (Class of 2016)

April 2018
10th: Submission Deadline
24th: ZIB Board Meeting

May 2018
16th - 17th: Interviews
30th - 31th: Interviews

June 2018
15th: PhD final exams

October 2018
4th - 12th: Orientation Weeks
15th: HBRS Opening Ceremony