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If you would still like to be informed about what's going on at ZIB and HBRS after you graduated, why not have a read of our Alumni Newsletter:


1st Alumni Newsletter (2006)

2nd Alumni Newsletter (2007)

3rd Alumni Newsletter (2008)

4th Alumni Newsletter (2009)

5th Alumni Newsletter (2010)

6th Alumni Newsletter (2011)

7th Alumni Newsletter (2012)

8th Alumni Newsletter (2013)

9th Alumni Newsletter (2014)

10th Alumni Newsletter (2015)

11th Alumni Newsletter (2016)

12th Alumni Newsletter (2017)
13th Alumni Newsletter (2018)

We would really appreciate it if you stayed in touch and let us know what you are up to.

As our Alumni Network grows we will strive to extend our services to you, keep you up to date and help you where we can!

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Graduates 16th February 2007
Graduates 6th July 2007
Graduates 25th January 2008
Graduates 27th June 2008
Graduates 30th January 2009
Graduates 26th June 2009
Graduates 22nd January 2010
Graduates 18th June 2010
Graduates 21st January 2011
Graduates 1st July 2011
Graduates 20th January 2012
Graduates 13th July 2012
Graduates 25th January 2013
Graduates 28th June 2013
Graduates 24th January 2014
Graduates 11th July 2014
Graduates 23rd January 2015
Graduates 10th July 2015
Graduates 22nd January 2016
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Graduates 13th January 2017
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Graduates 26th January 2018
Graduates 15th June 2018
Graduates 18th January 2019