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Central Research Devices Service Unit


Whenever you need ....


... specifically designed laboratory equipment for your experimental research 


or ... 


... professional layouts, posters and printed items for your publications 



you should contact the Central Research Devices Service Units



You do not need to have any technical expertise yourself - we have got the knowledge! 



Competent, experienced professionals with a variety of technical work backgrounds will support you throughout: from project planning and resource application up to testing of the final product.  

Take the chance to get advice from us free of charge and without any obligations. This might save you a lot of time, money, unnecessary efforts and time consuming correspondence! 



                   Technical Support and Service Desk: 


Department of Medical Device Construction:

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Viering

mobile: +49 (0) 1761 532 3798

In-house: 17 3798

(Mechanics/workshop, technical glass blowing, electronics, software) 


Digitale Media: Dipl.-Soz.Wiss. Joachim Barke

mobile: +49 (0) 01761 532 2963

In-house: 17 2963

(Print shop, image editing, graphics)


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