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Institute of Cell Biochemistry


Head: Prof. Dr. Matthias Gaestel

Office: Frau Katharina Bittermann / Frau Stefanie Hall




Zellbiochemie -4310- 

Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1

30623 Hannover


Phone: 0511-532 6661/2824

Fax: 0511-532 161046




Welcome to the Institue of Cell Biochemistry!


The Institute of Cell Biochemistry (former Institute of Physiological Chemistry) was established in 1965. It has been involved in training of medical students of the MHH since 1965/66 and has been in charge of the training of Biochemists since 1970/71. The main research topic of the Institute is the understanding of signal transduction processes of eukaryotic cells with the main focus of the molecular mechanisms involved and future therapeutic potential.


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Matthias Gaestel


Head of Institute

Professor of Biochemistry


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