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Final scientific program to the 16th Joint Meeting

Program of the 16th Joint Meeting

27th - 29th October 2005

Hannover, Germany





A printable version of the final scientific program can be downloaded here.


Thursday, 27th October

16:00 – 21:00      Registration and mounting of posters (Werkhof)

18:30 – 21:00      Get together



Friday, 28th October

08:00                  Registration and mounting of posters (Werkhof)

08:30                  Opening of the Meeting (Werkhof)


Session 1: Glycoparasitology                                   Chairperson: Irma van Die


08:35 – 09:15      Ralph Schwarz (Marburg, Germany) 

                          “Glycoparasitology: structure, function, and

                            biosynthesis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol

                            (GPI) in the parasitic protozoa Plasmodium

                            falciparum and Toxoplasma gondii.“


09:15 – 09:35      Isabel Catalina (Leiden, The Netherlands)  

                          “Targeted immunoaffinity capturing and identification

                            of immunogenic pathogen glycoproteins”


09:35 – 09:55      Lars Bode (La Jolla (CA), USA)                              

                          “Loss of cell-associated heparan sulphate amplifies 

                           IFNgamma- and TNFalpha-induced protein leakage

                           in a model of Protein-Losing Enteropathy”


09:55 – 10:15      Inge van Molle (Brussel, Belgium)                        

                          “Unravelling the carbohydrate specificity of the

                           FaeG adhesin”


10:15 – 10:35      Christian Schweppe (Münster, Germany)               

                          “Structural characterization and quantification of

                           Shiga toxin 1-binding Gb3/CD77 glycosphingo-

                           lipids from human plasma”


10:35 – 11:00      Coffee break


Session 2: Glycoimmunology                       Chairperson: Hildegard Geyer


11:00 – 11:40       Yvette van Kooyk (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 

                          “Antigen presentation of glycoproteins by C-type

                           lectin receptors on Dendritic cells”


11:40 – 12:00      Sandra Meyer (Giessen, Germany)                         

                          “Interaction of glycolipids from Schistosoma

                           mansoni with DC-SIGN”


12:00 – 12:20      Sarang Limaye (Bremen, Germany)                   

                          “Functions of CD33-related siglecs for the

                           tumor-induced activation of human

                           mononuclear phagocytes”


12:20 – 12:40      Isabelle Camby (Brussel, Belgium)                   

                          “Galectin-1 knocking-down in human U87

                           glioblastoma cells impairs invasion and alters

                           pattern of gene expression”


12:40 – 12:50      Karsten Hendriks (Krefeld, Germany)                

                          “ProteomeLab™ PA 800: Separation and analysis of

                           N-linked oligosaccharides released from a mouse

                           monoclonal antibody”


12:50 – 13:40      Lunch


13:40 – 16:30      Poster session I / Coffee and Refreshments


Session 3: Glycochemistry                                    Chairperson: Sandrine Duvet


16:30 – 17:10        Beat Ernst (Basel, Switzerland) 

                          “Glycochemistry and Glycan-based Drugs”


17:10 – 17:30      Kerstin Steiner (Wien, Austria)                                       

                          “Bacterial S-Layer Glycoproteins - Analysis of

                           the Glyco­sylation Sites”


17:30 – 17:50      Susanne Jongen (Utrecht, The Netherlands)                     

                          “Structural analysis of the N-glycosylation of recombinant

                           human acid a-glucosidase expressed in milk of

                           transgenic rabbits”


17:50 – 18:10      Mélanie Teintenier-Lelièvre (Villeneuve d'Ascq, France)   

                          “Molecular cloning and expression of a human

                           alpha2,8-sialyltransferase (hST8Sia VI) responsible for

                           the synthesis of the diSia motif on O-glycosylproteins”


18:10 – 19:15      Business Meetings of the Societies


20:00                  Conference Dinner and Party



Saturday, 29th October


Session 4: Glycobiotechnology                           Chairperson: Cornelis Hokke    


08:45 – 09:25      Karine Molvinger (Montpellier, France)       

                          “Polysaccharides and their new applications”


09:25 – 09:45      Céline Guinez (Villeneuve d'Ascq, France)                        

                          “Hsp70 and Hsc70 lectinic properties are modulated

                           by glucose concentration”


09:45 – 10:05      Markus Berger (Berlin, Germany)                                

                          “Three-dimensional structure of human

                           N-acetylglucosamine kinase”


10:05 – 10:25      Wouter Vervecken (Gent-Zwijnaarde, Belgium)                

                          “Glyco engineering of Pichia pastoris


10:25 – 11:30      Poster session II / Coffee break


Session 5: Biominerals                                     Chairperson: Matthias Eckhardt


11:30 – 11:50      Tanja Bickel (Regensburg, Germany)          

                          “Biosynthesis of lipid-linked oligosaccharides in

                           Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Alg13p and Alg14 form

                           a complex required for the formation of GlcNAc2-PP-Dol”


11:50 – 12:10      Christina Hellbusch (Heidelberg, Germany)                      

                          “First results from a mouse model for Golgi GDP-fucose

                           transporter deficiency (CDG-IIc/LADII)”


12:10 – 12:50      Peter Behrens (Hannover, Germany)

                          “Biomimetic Mineralization involving polysaccharides

                           and alkylglycosides”


12:50                  Closing of the Meeting and Announcement of the        

                          17th Joint Meeting 2006


13:00                  Lunch


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