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Perinatal Neuroepidemiology Unit


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What we do

The Perinatal Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit is affiliated with both the MHH Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and the Department of Pediatric Pulmonology and Neonatology.


Our scientific goal is to identify infection-associated pathomechanisms in pregnancy and neonatal disorders.


We try to integrate clinical epidemiology and basic science approaches.


Our longterm goal is to help prevent diseases in mothers and their newborns, and to contribute to the protection of maternal and child health.




Better protection for the neonatal brain


Around one in ten children is born preterm. The brain is particularly vulnerable in preterm infants. Insults during this time of brain development can subsequently lead to motor deficits, cognitive limitations, attention deficits, learning difficulties and even severe disabilities. Within the EU project NEOBRAIN (Neonatal Estimation Of Brain Damage Risk And Identification of Neuroprotectants), scientists will collaborate in order to identify strategies to diagnose and to protect the newborn brain against such insults.


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