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Hauke Thiesler

M. Sc. Biochemistry

PhD Student

PhD program Systems Neuroscience (in cooperation with TiHo Hannover)



Geb. J3, Ebene 04, Raum 1040 oder 1010

Tel.: +49(0)511/532-5213

E-Mail: Thiesler.Hauke(at)



Research interests

 Polysialic acid  

 Role of polysialic acid on novel protein carriers in NG2 cells and microglia




Koch A, Saran S, Tran DHH, Klebba-Färber S, Thiesler H, Sewald K, Schindler S, Braun A, Klopfleisch R, Tamura T (2014) Murine precision-cut liver slices (PCLS): A new tool for studying tumor microenvironments and cell signaling ex vivo. Cell Communication and Signaling 12:73 doi:10.1186/s12964-014-0073-7