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Tools and Technologies for Breakthrough in Heart Therapies- in short TECHNOBEAT is part of the Horizon 2020 funding programme of the European Commission.


TECHNOBEAT is rooted in the extensive, interdisciplinary research by basic and applied scientists at the LEBAO and clinicians at the HTTG (Department of Cardiac, Thoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery) on the MHH campus. Substantial recent progress in i) human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) reprogramming and tailored genetic engineering (RG Martin), ii) novel methods for hiPSC mass production in controlled bioreactors including cardiac (RG Zweigerdt) and endothelial differentiation (RG Olmer), as well as iii) animal models of heart failure and cell therapies (RGs Haverich, Cebotari, Martens) paved the way to the EU Horizon2020 funded, trans European Network TECHNOBEAT.


The interdisciplinary TECHNOBEAT consortium consists of renowned experts from six European countries and Israel working in the fields of cell therapy, tissue engineering, stem cell processing and clinical translation. Together we aim to provide new treatment options for patients suffering from heart failure due to the loss of heart muscle tissue following myocardial infarction (heart attack).


The TECHNOBEAT Consortium




This Project is funded by the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

under grant agreement no. 668724







April 24th 2018

Stem Cell Community Day in Düsseldorf

"Bioprocessing Technologies in Stem Cell Research: Perspectives on Process Design, Scale-Up, and Product Safety"


Organised by Eppendorf AG Bioprocess Center


TECHNOBEAT is the co-organiser of Session 2: Scale-up vs. scale-out vs. perfusion - The route to commercial quantities. Robert Zweigerdt, the coordinator of the TECHNOBEAT consortium, will present a key-note lecture.


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March 6th, 2018


TECHNOBEAT Meeting for Regenerative Medicine


From iPSCs to Translation

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


The TECHNOBEAT consortium, under the lead of MHH and project partner KADIMASTEM,   hosted the first official satellite meeting at the renowned Weizmann Institute of Science. The half-day event was attended by the wider scientific community engaged in regenerative science, biomedical research and (pre-)clinical translation.




TECHNOBEAT Consortium meets for 3rd General Assembly


Hosted by the Consortium Partner KADIMASTEM on March 6th-7th, 2018 the event focused on progress of the work packages since the first periodic report was submitted in August 2017. The principal investigators presented the general overview of their work packages, supplemented by an in-depth overview of data and results to date by the researchers.

Further to the discussion of results, upcoming activities and additional points of intersection and cooperation were identified and agreed on.

As last year, two members of the TECHNOBEAT Scientific Advisory Board also attended the Ga and gave their input and advice during the session "Bioprocessing technologies for hiPSC: current status".