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Innovative Strategies for Severity Assessment in Laboratory Animals

27.03. – 28.03.2014

The EU has adopted the European directive EU2010/63 to improve the welfare of laboratory animals and to harmonize the respective legislation within its member countries. An important aspect of this new directive is the severity assessment of laboratory animals. Although some methods are established in behavioral research it remains difficult to measure severity on living animals. The Symposium will provide a platform to inform about strategies that might be used to asses and recognize pain and stress in animals that are used in scientific research.

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Registration at the front desk starts at 10 am on 27th of March
Poster walls will be provided in front of the lecture room A
On 27th of March following the presentations we like to invite you to a get together in front of the lecture room.
Fingerfood, canapés and drinks will be provided. This will give an opportunity for exchange and deepen of discussions in a nice ambience. 
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