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PD Dr. Roman Fedorov 

X-ray crystallography 

Dr. Roman Fedorov

3705 / 4420

Prof. Dr. Matthias Preller

Structural Bioinformatics

Prof. Dr. Matthias Preller


Prof. Dr. Ute Curth

Analytical Ultracentrifugation

Prof. Dr. Ute Curth




Building I4, Floor S0
Hannover Medical School
Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
30625 Hannover

The Division for Structural Biochemistry of Hannover Medical School provides support for the following research activities:

  • Initial optimization of protein sample for crystallization 
  • High-Throughput screening of protein crystallization conditions
  • Plate incubation and control of the crystal growth§
  • Assistance during crystal optimization procedures
  • Buffer optimization
  • Crystal handling and preparation for cryo-crystallographic data collection
  • Diffraction data collection using sealed-tube and rotating anode x-ray sources
  • Calculating data collection strategies
  • Initial characterization of the crystal cell parameters and Bravais lattice
  • Access to our 3D graphics workstations and computing environment for complete data processing, structure determination and analysis
  • Determination of oligomerization states of proteins and characterization of hydrodynamic properties and macromolecular interactions
  • Finally, we help our users to apply for beamtime at synchrotron facilities. Support is provided for remote and on site access

§For High-Throughput crystallization experiment we use MRC 2 Well Crystallization plate (UVP). These plates provide adequate precision of geometric parameters for nano-dispensing and sufficient transparency in visible and UV range for imaging.


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