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Special Lecture: Analysis of Expression and ChIP Data

Strategies for the Analysis of Expression and ChIP Data. Microarray Evaluation, Next Generation Sequencing Analysis, Pathway Mining and Transcription Factor Analysis

15.11.2007 , 18:00 Uhr, Hörsaal N, MHH

Dr. Martin Seifert, (VP Microarray Business and Collaborative Research) Genomatix Software GmbH, München

The Genomatix analysis pipeline accepts raw data from expression and ChIP experiments (microarray and next generation sequencing data) and provides the technologies required for complete subsequent analyses of pathways/networks and regulatory mechanisms.

The analysis pipeline is rapidly and easily applied and delivers biologically meaningful results.

In the seminar, all information required to understand the logic behind the unique Genomatix data analysis strategy and its advantages will be reviewed. The analysis pipeline includes the following parts:

  • Microarray analysis (expression and ChIP-on-chip data)
  • Analysis concepts for next generation sequencing data
  • Literature and Pathway Mining
  • Regulatory sequence analysis and transcription factor analysis in genomic context

The tutorial will include step-by-step examples.