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T H E   P N E U M O L O G Y   D E P A R T M E N T   O F   C L I N I C   F A L L I N G B O S T E L  



Patients of all public or private health and pension insurances as well as self-pay patients with health conditions of the following categories can be rehabilitated or hospitalized as part of a follow-up curative treatment in Clinic Fallingbostel: 

• Advanced pulmonary diseases (e.g.  Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cystic Fibrosis/ Mucoviscidosis) with planned or already undergone lung transplantation (or Heart and Lung Transplantation)

• Pulmonary hypertension 

• Lung cancer/thoracic tumors 



T H E   T H E R A P E U T I C   C O N C E P T   C O M P R I S E S   T H E   F O L L O W I N G   I T E M S : 

• Medical care provided by experienced pulmonologists and cardiologists, trained for many years at the Hannover Medical School and trained patient oriented, attentive nursing staff in close cooperation with the universitary centers, which entrust their patients to us.

• Exercise therapy, gymnastics and physiotherapy with training, respiratory and physical therapies that are tailored to the patient and his capability.

• Extensive training about the important factors in living with the illness or with organ donations, the correct diet, recognition and assessment of relevant symptoms and about the excessive and necessary medication. 

• Individual and group psychological consultations with an experienced team of psychologists about mental stressors, which may arise as a result of the illness during the respective waiting time for a suitable organ or after the transplantation. Also courses on relaxation techniques. 

• Functional department with extensive pneumological and cardiological diagnostics (bronchoscopy,  body plethysmography , spiroergometry, blood gas analysis, Bio-Impedance Analysis , X-ray of thorax , sonography of thorax and abdomen , transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography, clinical chemistry laboratories). 

• Accommodation in comfortable and friendly furnished rooms in attractive natural surroundings. 

• Pastoral care if wanted. 



Our team of doctors, therapeutics, nursing staff and our service staff will use their best endeavors to support your successful rehabilitation and achievement of your personal objectives. 



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