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PostDoc Fellowships



Hannover Medical School (MHH) is interested in hosting PostDoc fellowships. If you are living outside of Germany and would like to come with a fellowship to MHH you can find information on elligibility, application process and research teams interested in hosting a PostDoc below.

Who can apply?


If you have finished your PhD or are just about to, and you are living outside of Germany or have just moved to Germany you might be our candidate. We offer support for researchers who would like to apply for a Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship or a fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for PostDocs and experienced researchers.

How does the application work?

  • Have a look at the list of interested research groups at MHH and choose the group where you would like to stay
  • Fill in the expression of interest form provided by us. For this you have to include your CV and a short sketch of the research project you would like to perform at MHH and send the form to us (Email:
  • We will forward your application to the respective research group at MHH
  • If the group thinks you fit in we have a match
  • We will support all matched teams in submitting a fellowship proposal

Who will be your host at MHH?


Hannover Medical School has a broad range of research topics, mostly in the life sciences area.

We have created a list with research groups that would be interested in hosting a PostDoc fellowship. This list can be found here.

If you are intersted to join one of these groups please fill in this form and send it to the eu-office of MHH (--> email).

Further questions?


Have we sparked your interest, but you still have open questions? Feel free to contact us: