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Personnel development



There are two organisational units in the MHH, that jointly take care of the employees: the department of personnel management (PM) and personnel development (PD).
The core task of personnel management is personnel, remuneration and salary legal support of all staff, including AT associates and employees. It also takes out the functions of the child benefit fund and the community service agency and stands for efficient processes, innovative products, service orientation and the balance of business and employee interests.
Staff development will recognize the potential of employees, increase their skills and prepare them specifically for their tasks. It supports the strategic direction of the MHH and has the ambition to encourage the employees to optimally use.    

Your contact person for staff development is:



Michael Born

building  M19, floor 02

phone: +49 511 532-6513

fax: +49 511 532-8504


Dipl.-Päd. Anette Heberlein 


building M19, floor 02, room: 1380

phone: +49 511 532-6610

fax: +49 511 532-8609

Personal assistant:

Silke Schinck

building M19, floor 02, room: 1390

phone: +49 511 532-6982 

fax: +49 511 532-8504



Martina Muff

building M19,  floor 02, room: 1740

phone: +49 511 532-6514

fax: +49 511 532-8504