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Courses in Bone Marrow Pathology

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11th Course. Munich. 7-10 September 2013
Technische Universität

Local organizers: Marcus Kremer, Hans-Peter Horny, Claus Hann von Weyhern

“Bone marrow failure and progression of myeloproliferative and myeloproliferative/myelodysplastic neoplasms.
Challenging cases of congenital cytopaenias, Myelodysplasia including acute progression and
acute progression of myeloproliferative and myeloproliferative/myelodysplastic neoplasms.”
Dear Colleagues,
the registration for the upcomming workshop on bone marrow pathology 7th-10th, September 2013 in Munich is now open.
Please go to
The deadline for case submission will be the 31th march.
I`ll hope to welcome you all in Munich
M. Kremer (local organizer)

Previous Courses

10th Course. London. 13-15 April 2011
University of Greenwich

Local organizers: organised by Jon Van der Walt
Link: Website of the course

““Beyond WHO 2008. Grey Zones and Technical Innovations in Bone Marrow Diagnosis.
”Cases from the grey zones of the WHO classification: Proving the rule?”


9th Course. Geneva. 7-9 May 2009

Local organizers: Bettina Borisch, Stephan Dirnhofer, Phillip Went


“General aspects of bone marrow pathology in the light of the new WHO classification, MDS/MPN/Acute Leukaemia, Reactive lympho-plasmacellular infiltrates with special emphasis on gene related changes”



8th Course. Graz. 16 – 19 May 2007

Local Organsiser: Christine Beham-Schmid, Peter Regitnig, Ariane Aigelsreiter, Karin Lichtenegger


“For beginners:

Evaluation of bone marrow biopsy. Normal bone marrow from birth to old age. Infectious disorders and effects of chemo/radiotherapy. Non-neoplastic haematological disorders (ITP, Perniciosa, polyglobulia).  Acute leukaemias. Reactive states mimicking AML and MDS. Mast cell and histiocytic disorders.

Main program:

WHO classification. MDS. Genetic predisposition to therapy related MDS and AML. Flow diagnostics of AML. CMMoL. Acute Panmyelosis. Treatment effects in MPN. Methods of JAK2 detection. Gene expression profiles in lymphoma subtyping. Viral infections in the BM. Post transplant biopsies. Infiltration patterns of lymphoma in the BM. Lymphoma with secretory capacity. Multiple myeloma and rare variants. Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the BM. T-cell leukaemias. Reactive and neoplastic B-cell infiltrates. Bone disorders. Metastasis.”



7th Course. Krakow.  18-21 May 2005

Local organiser: Zbigniew Rudzki


“Reactive states, therapy associated changes, acute leukaemias, myelodysplastic and myeloproliferative syndromes, lymphoproliferative disorders (patterns, pitfalls, plasma cell differentiation, molecular clonality analysis) and paediatric bone marrows (MDS, lymphoblastic leukemia, non-haematopoietic tumours). Early stages of MPN. Chronic anaemias including aplastic anaemia. Bone diseases.”



6th Course and business meeting. Hannover. 9-11 May 2003


Local organizer: Hans Kreipe

“CMPD, hypoplastic states and MDS, lymphoma with primary involvement of bone marrow and the spleen, reactive and therapy related changes, molecular and cytogenetic analysis of bone marrow trephines.”


5th Course and business meeting. Palermo. 3-6 November 2003


Local organizer: G Campesi, A M Florena, V Franco, E Maresi, E Orlando, L Russo, C Tripodo


“5th international Course on Bone Marrow Pathology”. Bone Marrow Biopsy: Processing and evaluation.Myrlodysplasia .Lymphoproliferative disorders. Myeloproliferative disorders. Challenging differential diagnosis; Disclosing new features; Iatrogenic and Post-transplant bone marrow changes




4th Course and business meeting. Athens. 19-23 May 1999

Local organizer: Demi Anagnostou


“Retrospective survey of development and application of bone marrow biopsies.  Mechanisms of normal and dysregulated haematopoiesis.  Update on methods for processing bone marrow biopsies. The art of bone marrow diagnosis.  Application and Interpretation of immunohistochemistry on bone marrow biopsies.  Clinical aspects of multiple myeloma.  Plasma cell Dyscrasias on bone marrow biopsies.  Bone and marrow changes under biphosphonates in benign and malignant disorders.  Histiocytic disorders on bone marrow biopsies.  Clinical aspects in MDS as reflexion of defective or dysregulated haematopoiesis.  Myelodysplastic features on bone marrow biopsy: benign and malignant conditions.  Diagnosis and prognosis of myelodysplastic syndromes.  Apoptosis on bone marrow biopsies in MDS.  Histological classification and staging of CMPDs correlated to cytogenetic findings.  Atypical bone marrow biopsy findings in CMPDs and MDS.  Pediatric MDS.”




3rd Course and business meeting. London.  21 May 1997

Local organiser: Kristin Henry


Cellular constituents and kinetics of Bone; Paediatric problems; Lympfoproliferative disorders; Iatrogenic bone marrow problems


Business meeting: Megakaryocytic disorders




2nd Course and business meeting. Basel. 15-18 November 1995

Local organizer: Nina Hurwitz


The bone marrow: from patient to report.  Taking a biopsy.  Immunohistochemistry.  Reporting the bone marrow.  The classification and clinical aspects of MDS.  The bone marrow biopsy and bone marrow smear in MDS.  Myelodysplastic syndromes not included in the FAB-classification.  Differential diagnosis of the hypoplastic bone marrow.  Iatrogenic MDS and reactive dyshaematopoiesis.  Round table discussion on MDS.  Update in childhood preleukaemic disorders.  Histopathology of CML and its differential diagnosis.  Polycythemia vera and thrombocytopenia.  Myelofibrosis.  Myelodysplastic syndromes versus chronic myeloproliferative diseases.  AML and its differential diagnosis.  Bone marrow changes post chemotherapy and/or post transplantation.  Round table discussion on MPD.  New trends in hematopoietic precursor cell transplants.  The pathology of plasma cell dyscrasia.  Bone marrow involvement in large cells lymphomas.  Bone marrow involvement by Hodgkin's disease and its differential diagnosis.  Non-neoplastic infiltrates in the bone marrow.  Bone diseases in core biopsies of the bone marrow.  Round table discussion on lymphoproliferative disorders.




1st Course and business meeting. Utrecht.  11-14 may 1994

Organiser: Jan van den Tweel


”Bone marrow development and interpretation.  Technical aspects of bone marrow investigation.  Bone marrow stroma; its role in haematopoiesis.  Clinicopathological features of myelodysplastic syndromes.  Histological characteristics of MDS.  MDS-like diseases, with particular emphasis on HIV-associated dysplasia.  Bone marrow biopsy in aplastic anaemia.  Hypoplastic MDS/AML versus aplastic anaemia.  Influence of haematopoietic growth.  FAB-classification and clinical aspects of leukaemia.  Bone marrow features in acute leukemia.  Effect of leukaemia therapy on bone marrow histology.  Detection of minimal disease.  Differential diagnosis of chronic myeloproliferative disorders.  Evolution of chronic myeloproliferative disorders.  Bone marrow fibrosis and its patterns.  Myelodysplastic syndromes versus chronic myeloproliferative disorders.  Acute leukaemia and transient myeloproliferative disorder in Down syndrome.  Bone marrow involvement by B-cell lymphomas.  Bone marrow involvement by T-cell malignant lymphomas.  Reactive lymphoid aggregates in the bone marrow.  Potential of bone marrow biopsy/aspirate for classification, staging and monitoring of multiple myeloma.  Bone marrow involvement in plasma cell dyscrasias.  A clinician’s view.  Adhesion molecules in the pathophysiology of multiple myeloma.”




Constitutional Meeting, Utrecht, March 13 1993

Jan van den Tweel, Kristin Henry, Demi Anagnostou, Konrad Muller-Hemerlink, Nina Hurwitz, Jacques Diebold, Bertha Frisch, Stephano Pileri.


Business meeting, Utrecht, 19-20 November

Included immunophenotyping of acute leukaemia. Nina Hurwitz and Francoise Delacretaz.




First discussion on Bone Marrow Study Group 1992

Jan van den Tweel, Kristin Henry, Demi Anagnostou

EAHP meeting in Bologna, September 21-25.  Further discussions were held in Athens in December 1992


The Bone Marrow Study Group was conceived initially from an idea that emerged during a discussion between Demi Anagnostou and Jan van den Tweel, with the aim of exchanging views on bone marrow diagnostic problems and advances with others interested in the field.


An invitation letter, signed by Demi Anagnostou and Jan van den Tweel in Athens in January 1993 was addressed to Kristin Henry, Konrad Muller-Hemerlink, Nina Hurwitz, Jacques Diebold, Bertha Frisch and Stephano Pileri, who formed the first core of the Group.

The Group acquired official status for the first time during the business meeting in Basel , 2001, with election of a committee and president (Vito Franco, Hans Kreipe, Demi Anagnostou)