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Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Intensiv Care Medicine

Professor Dr. med. Armin Wessel (†), Director of the Department of Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Intensiv Care Medicine

Armin Wessel (†) ,MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Intensiv Care Medicine leads a team of very experienced pediatric cardiologists and intensive care physicians.

Professor Wessel's main professions are diagnostics of congenital heart defects and functional analaysis of the ventricles by ultrasound as well as drug therapy of congestive heart failure in congenital heart disease. His team is experienced in the therapy of critical ill infants, children, and adolescents and employs highly innovative techniques and procedures in interventional heart catherisation and intensiv care medicine in children. This is specially true for artificial organs and transplantation.

Professor Wessel is president of the German Society for Pediatric Cardiology. Formerly he was speaker of the scientific committee of this society for many years.

His work was awarded with several scientific prices.

Clinical Profile

The clinic for Pediatric Cardiology and Intensiv Care Medicine is dedicated to excellent diagnostics and therapy for children with heart diseases and critical illness. We are aware, that our aimes can only be reached by a broad coorporation. This is especially true for the cooperation with the departement of pediatric cardiac surgery and all other departements of the childrens hospital.

We diagnose congenital heart defects with up-to-date procedures and perform interventional catherisations and hybrid interventions together with the cardiac sergeons. We perform the preoperative diagnoses and postoperative intensiv care therapie on the intensiv care ward.

The intensiv care ward has impressive success by applying evidence based  therapy and new drugs in the treatment of sepsis (protein C). Thus we could reduce the mortality below the international level.

The clinic ist experienced in performing clinical studies in every state.

The specialities of the clinic are:

Pediatric Cardiology

  • Treatment of heart diseases
    in children

Pediatric Intensiv Care Medicine

  • Treatment of critical ill children

The team of the Pediatric Cardiology consists of 25 physicians and about 80 pediatric nurses. All together the team is extremely competent in all disciplines of Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Intensiv Care Medicine.


Scientific Profile

In science the clinic is known for its project of visualisation of the nascency of heart defects in chick embryos.
These project and those dealing with the long-term follow up of congenital heart disease and parental coping in families with congenital heart disease were founded by several institutions including the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Another scientific focus is the improvement of therapeutics methods in intensiv care medicine such as protein C and in-line filtration.
Further more we introduced new methodes of nonivasive
measurements of cardiac output into the clinic.


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