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Dear participants,


our 23rd course on Ear and Temporal Bone Surgery will take place on


March 23rd - 26th 2020


here at Hannover Medical School. We hope we will be able to present you with new as well as established topics from different areas of otosurgery and temporal bone surgery. The course has a clinical and a practical part, i.e. the dissection in the temporal bone laboratory.


Course description & objectives

  • Your own dissection place in the temporal bone lab with modern equipment (two half-heads each will be provided)
  • Intensive instruction and supervision
  • Navigation
  • Live surgery performed and commented by experienced surgeons
  • Lectures given by renowned international speakers
  • Course material
  • Update on instruments and prostheses


The following procedures will be practiced in the temporal bone dissection:

  • Endaural approach, raising the posterior and anterior tympanomeatal flap, if necessary meatoplasty
  • Stapes surgery: Laser and conventional technique
  • Mastoidectomy (complete with demonstration of sigmoid, the bony plate to the middle and posterior fossa including Trautmann‘s triangle, endolymphatic sac, antrum with incus, three semicircular canals, epitympanum with incus body and malleus head, facial nerve in its mastoid course down to the stylomastoid foramen)
  • Posterior tympanotomy and cochleostomy with insertion of cochlear implant electrodes
  • Ossiculoplasty with incus via the endaural and the posterior tympanotomy approach
  • Visualization of jugular bulb
  • Cavity with visualization of tympanic segment of facial nerve and geniculate ganglion
  • Infratemporal approach type A with exposure of carotid artery, Eustachian tube, jugular bulb, jugular foramen including lower cranial nerves
  • Infratemporal fossa approach type C
  • Translabyrinthine approach with exposure of internal meatus
  • Facial nerve decompression and rerouting
  • Transotic approach
  • Middle fossa approach
  • Suboccipital approach

We also offer a few places without temporal bone dissection!


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