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Department of Neurosurgery

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Department of Neurosurgery


Professor Joachim K. Krauss

The Department of Neurosurgery provides comprehensive treatment of the entire spectrum of neurosurgery, using the most effective and modern techniques of micro-neurosurgical, endoscopic, stereotactic and interventional treatment. Emphasis is placed on functional neurosurgery, surgery on the skull base and spine, paediatric neurosurgery, traumatic-brain-injury as well as surgical treatment of pain disorders. In the postoperative period individual patient-focused needs for rehabilitation and other treatments such as radiotherapy are co-ordinated.


The department employs eight senior consultants, eighteen assistant doctors, four visiting doctors, seventy one nursing staff, seven technicians, six research associates and five administrative staff. The department has four operative suites available, four wards with 49 beds, a private ward, a neuro-indensive care unit with 15 beds, a paediatric ward, a policlinic with special consultation hours, and research laboratories.We treat about 2,900 inpatients and 3,200 outpatients annually. The number of surgical procedures performed in 2011 was over 2,500.



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