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Mirja Konrad

Semester: 10


Project description


Preterm infants are at high risk for developing a „respiratory distress syndrome“ (RDS) as a result of insufficient surfactant production [1]. The erbB4 receptor and its ligand NRG play an important role in fetal lung development. They contribute to the onset of fetal surfactant synthesis [2, 3] and are also critical for the alveolarisation. ErbB receptors interact with nuclear receptors and it has been shown that erbB4 coregulates estrogen receptor α in breast cells [4]. Since estrogen receptor β (ERβ) is highly expressed in pneumocytes (type I and II) and deletion of ERβ in adult mice leads to fewer alveoli and reduced elastic recoil [5], similar to the picture we have detected in erbB4 deleted lungs [6] we want to study the role of the estrogen receptor (ER) and its interaction with erbB4 in epithelial type II cells.

The delay in surfactant synthesis [7] as well as the increased risk for the development of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) [8] in the male fetus are well known. High androgen levels have been implicated in the mechanism of delay in lung maturation [9]. Also, the fetus is exposed to increased levels of estradiol and progesterone [10] and replacement of these placental hormones after preterm birth seems to be related with a lower incidence of chronic lung disease [11].


Thus, we hypothesize that there is a co-regulation of ERβ and erbB4 in type II epithelial cells regulating the fetal surfactant system.




Cell culture, Transfection of ER, Protein- and RNA-isolation, Co-Immunoprecipitation and Western Blotting, Confocal microscopy, RT-PCR for the surfactant proteins.




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