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Biological Safety

The sorting process inevitably leads to aerosols. For protection of customers and the lab staff it is mandatory that customers are completely aware of all information concerning potential health risks related to the samples to be processed. This ensures adequate risk management and decontamination after sorting.

Because many scientists are working with mice as a model organism, these regulations naturally also apply to mouse pathogens. Therefore every customer of our facility is obliged to fill out the bio- safety questionnaire addressing potential risks concerning the material to be sorted on our email form that is used for scheduling a sorting date with us.

Data saving

The list mode files recorded during and after the sort are permanently stored with our facility. Customers can receive access to their files via a password- protected login system to download and analyze their data after sorting.

Publication of results

Reference to the involvement of the Core Facility Cell Sorting in creation of data that is published afterwards should be considered.

If the participation in the creation of the results submitted justifies co-authorship of lab staff of the Core facility (e.g. development of procedures, extensive analyses, participation in the planning of experiments etc.), involvement of the particular lab staff with the writing/ publishing of the article is mandatory. Every other form of participation is to be mentioned in the acknowledgements, e.g. "We would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Cell Sorting Core Facility of the Hannover Medical School supported in part by Braukmann-Wittenberg-Herz-Stiftung and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft".