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The midwifery study course provides the opportunity for midwives to acquire the internationally accepted additional qualification Master of Science in Midwifery. While pursuing the degree, midwives are able to work and handle the studies in a flexible way. MSc Midwifery qualify midwives to work in leading positions, midwifery research, midwives training and even in still new emerging occupational fields. On this site you can find information about the distance study course Master of Science in Midwifery at the Hanover Medical School.


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The next orientation week will take place from 08 September 2019 (6pm) until 13 September 2019 (afternoon) at HES-SO Lausanne.




We would like to inform you about the next interesting event here at Hannover Medical School.


25.07.2018, 13:30am CET

Oral presentation Master Thesis of Suniva Portz, European Master of Science in Midwifery

Title: Development of a scale measuring clinicians´ attitudes towards VBAC and examination of associations to individual and institutional factors – a cross sectional OptiBIRTH follow-up study

Location: MHH, K11-S0-3240





Current Newsletter: March 2018


Here you will find an article about an international exchange of a student in the European master of science in midwifery programme who went to Boston. The exchange was supported by PROMOS and DAAD.


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