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Risk prevention medical check up for Managers

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The aim



The aim of our medical check up is to give you an assurance of your health status but also to optimise the balance between success and a healthy life.

Time is valuable, time is scarce and time is money. Successful People who are busy achieving goals in their personal life, developing their professional skills and working hard enjoying their fruitful careers are well-esteemed in their society but are often also subject to health problems.

Managers climbing to success are facing rapid changes on a daily basis, investing so much energy to succeed in a competitive field. A lot of energy and balance is needed to remain successful. Nevertheless, these people are often drained, have health problems and need help.

Instead of workshops, coaching and leadership assessment we offer a comprehensive medical check up in one day to and if needed a further treatment.

We offer a wide range of medical services including:

  • Anamneses
  • comprehensive physical examination
  • laboratory testing of blood and urine
  • Echocardiography and Doppler test
  • Examination of the Musculoskeletal system
  • Body composition analysis and ECG
  • Abdominal ultrasonic testing
  • cardiac ultrasound
  • Skinscreening
  • If you want - Conversation about psychological stress 

The monitoring of your health status will be performed in a relaxing  atmosphere avoiding any kind of stress. You will consecutively be treated by several specialists. The results of the tests will be explained and discussed with the patient personally including a recommendation for further treatment if needed. Expert advices are included at this stage of consultation.


The team of the Medical School of Hanover understands the value of your time and the stress associated with managing your agenda. No waiting in line, no worrying about logistics. A transport service will be offered: you will be picked up from the airport, train station or hotel  and taken to you to our VIP lounge by a personal attendant meeting your personal needs from the moment you arrive until you leave us. Beverages and food will be served at time.


Don't miss the chance to refill your energy and regain the certainty of being healthy. Senior physicians and experts with most modern devices and high standard medicine are looking forward to meeting you.  


We will be taking care of your needs for the package price of  2.400,-- Euro (payment in advance). 

The Departments:

  • Prof. Dr. J. Bauersachs, PD Dr. U. Bavendiek, Cardiologists
  • Prof. Dr. M. Manns, PD Dr. A. Potthoff, Gastroenterology, Herpetology and Endocrinology
  • Prof. Dr. Ch. Gutenbrunner, Dr. Ch. Sturm, Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Prof. Dr. A. Kapp, Dr. D. Wieczorek, Dermatologists
  • Prof. Dr. S. Bleich, Prof. Dr. K. Kahl, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy



All patients may request their own appointments by calling +49 511 532-4117.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All requestsare subject to appointment availability.

The medical check up will be take place on Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For further information please contact: