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Katja Zscheppang

Project description


Surfactant synthesis in preparation for birth is a crucial component of fetal lung development. Insufficient surfactant production by immature type II cells contributes to respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) among preterm infants [Avery et al., Anderson et al.]. The growth factor neuregulin (NRG), a ligand of the erbB receptors 3 and 4, is at least in part responsible for the fetal surfactant synthesis initiating effect [Dammann et al.].

ErbB receptor activation involves the binding of a specific ligand such as NRG. Ligand binding triggers the formation of erbB homo- and heterodimers [Jones et al.]. Different erbB receptor dimers play different roles in different organ systems during development [Gassmann et al.]. We have shown that in fetal lung type II epithelial cells erbB4 and erbB1 appear to be the major communication and dimerization partners [Zscheppang et al., Liu et al.].

We now want to examine the effects of pulmonary erbB4 deletion on lung development in HER4heart mice. The main hypothesis of this study is that deletion of erbB4 will affect lung maturation by down regulating surfactant expression as well as by inhibiting alveolarization. The long term goal of this project is to further characterize the mechanisms by which erbB receptors regulate processes of fetal lung maturation.




Isolation of primary cells, Lectin staining, Western Blotting, Electron microscopy, Confocal microscopy




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Christiane Dammann


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