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M. Sc. Lingual Orthodontics


The Master degree study program „Lingual Orthodontics“ is an additional qualification for orthodontists. The course is research- and practice-oriented. It is an in-service training, multimedia-based and supported by electronic data transmission.

The advanced training course is to attend part-time and the standard period of study is four semesters.

The course starts in October each year. Each year six orthodontists can take part in the program. There is an overall active attendance of 25% of the total program of studies. Every month there is a weekend activity in Hannover, additionally, in the third and fourth semester, there is a compact week. The students are given the opportunity to get course-related information and communicate online via “LINGUAL”.

The studies consist of an introduction module, eight main modules as well as writing the Master thesis with plea and oral exam.

The content of teaching deals with treating with lingual appliances, lingual mechano-therapy, specific mechanics and mechano-therapeutical special features in the lingual technique, bracket systems and functional diagnostics in orthodontics.

With the post graduate education in Lingual Orthodontics the Hannover Medical School offers an interdisciplinary study program in cooperation with non medical fields of study and several european higher education institutions.

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