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Your Treatment



The ward physicians

The ward physicians are directly responsible for your medical care. They conduct their work in consultation with the director or senior consultant of the responsible department. Physicians from other departments may also be called in to consult on your treatment. Before treatment is begun, a physician will talk with you to take your medical history (anamnesis). Please be as open as you can about how your condition developed, tell the physician about previous examinations and treatments, and hand over any medical reports and x-rays. This also applies to any medications you have brought with you. It is in your own interest that you do not take any medication without knowledge of the ward physician.


Caretaking personnel

Our competent and trained personnel will give you the individual care that you need. Our caretaking staff are extensively trained and regularly receive further schooling in order to maintain international quality standards. Our student trainees in the caretaking professions also complete practical training in the wards. If you and your family have any questions, please ask our caretaking staff; they will be glad to help.


Ward supervisors

As the link between patient care and hospital administration, the ward supervisor oversees much that goes on in her ward. She will issue any forms about your hospital stay that you may need for your insurer(s) or employer.


The daily routine

Unfortunately the hospital day begins very early. This is because examinations are often very time-consuming, as is taking care of patients and cleaning the wards. At first you may have to get accustomed to a somewhat different daily routine. You may also lose sleep because of the lack of physical exercise or from worrying about your health at night.


The doctors generally make their rounds during the morning. Afterwards you will receive the prescribed treatments such as changing of dressings and the like. At a university clinic, medical students often are present during the rounds, as practical bedside training is very important for them. Good, intensive medical training ultimately serves the patients.

Gifts brought by visitors

Every patient is glad to receive a gift, which is a lovely gesture that warms the heart. However, you should be aware of the special hospital situation.

Please check with the caretaking staff if you wish to bring a patient something to eat or drink. It may be that certain foods may not agree with the patient temporarily.

No potted plants are allowed in the wards, as the soil may contain germs. As cut flowers and the water they are in can also be problematic, these may not be brought to certain wards.

Intensive care units: no flowers, please.

Oncology wards: no flowers, please.

Transplant surgery wards: please ask before visiting if flowers are permitted.


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