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Institute for History, Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine


Established as an independent institute for history of medicine in 1988 thanks to the initiative of Professor Fritz Hartmann.

The institute's first director was Professor Wolfgang U. Eckart.

From 1994 until 2013 the institute was headed by Professor Brigitte Lohff. In October 2013 Dr. Gerald Neitzke took over as interim director.

The additional research focus on medical ethics has been developed since 1996 and, in December 2002, was further solidified by the introduction of a Junior Professor position.

The Clinical Ethics Committee is also located at the institute.

The coordination of the MHH Archive has been in the hands of the institute's director since 1998.

The institute's library consists of around 15,000 volumes. Its main focuses are: history of medicine, ethics, history of philosophy, medicine in the "Third Reich", public health, as well as rare original works from the 16th till 18th century.


Acting Director:

Dr. Gerald Neitzke

Phone: +49 511 532-4273


Secretary's office:

Mrs.  Britta Sander

Phone: +49 511 532-4273


Locations on the campus:

- Building J1

- Building M2


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Institute for History, Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine

OE 5450

Hannover Medical School

Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1

D-30625 Hannover


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