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Dr. phil. Marcel Mertz

Research associate


Head of the working group

Research/Public Health Ethics and Methodology


Institute for History, Ethics
and Philosophy of Medicine


OE 5450


Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1

D-30625 Hannover

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Marcel Mertz studied philosophy and sociology at the University of Basel and graduated 2015 in philosophy at the University of Mannheim. Next to his working at Hannover Medical School since 2011 he was in what was then the department for Medical and Health Ethics at the University of Basel, at the Philosophical Seminar at the University of Mannheim and at the Research Unit Ethics of the University Hospital Cologne as well as at the Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics and Social Science of Health (ceres) at the University of Cologne, respectively.


His central research interest is the methodology and the inter-/transdisciplinary character of bioethical research. Especially empirical and “evidence-based” ethics, systematic reviews of normative literature and ethical evaluation methods in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) are aspects of his interest. He did research in clinical ethics among others about the procedure of clinical Committees for Ethics and about the invention of policies for clinical Ethics. Moreover, he explored ethical issues of dementia illness, but also worked on more technological topics like digital self-determination and Robot Ethics. Besides his teaching activities in History, Theory and Ethics in Medicine (GTE) and research ethics, he also taught traditional studies in practical and theoretical philosophy.


Mertz is currently coordinating the working group “Ethics and Empiricism” of the Academy for Ethics in Medicine e. V. and is one of the speakers of CELLS MHH.



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Additional profiles: Google Scholar, ResearchGate


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