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Integrated Research and Treatment Center Transplantation IFB-Tx

The MHH (Hannover Medical School) is one of the the largest comprehensive transplant centers in Europe. To integrate and focus transplantation medicien and research in 2008 the MHH has founded an Integrated Research and Treatment Center Transplantation (IFB-Tx). The overall aim of the IFB-Tx is to integrate all basic and clinical departments involved in transplantation into an effective unit to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to rectify the current limitations of transplant medicine. Solid organ and cell-based (bone marrow cells, stem cells, islet cells, and others) transplantation has made considerable progress in the past years; however, graft survival remains limited and side effects of immunosuppressive medication are considerable. Moreover, mortality of transplanted patients is still unacceptably high. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, disease relapse and graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) result in considerable morbidity and mortality.


The large numbers of solid organ and cell transplants performed at the MHH will allow the IFB-Tx to perform large-scale clinical and basic studies addressing important questions in the area of transplant medicine. We will be in a position to influence national and international standards in this regard and to facilitate appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic changes. Our goals are to (1.) increase graft survival, (2.) develop novel strategies for individually tailored immunosuppression, (3.) and to reduce the morbidity and mortality of transplanted patients, notably cardiovascular disease, tumor and infections.




Prof. Dr. Hermann Haller (Speaker of the IFB-Tx)


Dr. Cornelia Spaltenhoff (Administration Manager)


IFB-Tx | Integriertes Forschungs- und Behandlungszentrum Transplantation
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