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Short welcoming speech


At its foundation in 1970, the Department of Trauma Surgery at Hannover Medical School was the first acedemic Trauma Department and Full Professorship in Germany. In November 2000, I became chairman of this Department, following my surgical teacher Professor H. Tscherne, who succesfully built up and structured this institution over 30 years. Intensive research and outstanding clinical expertise in numerous subspecialties have found appreciation worldwide.  Many treatment concepts and -strategies, that are considered international standard today, have their basis on the activities and research results of the Hannover Trauma Department.

The Trauma Department is a Level 1 Trauma Center, that covers the complete spectrum of Trauma Surgery on the highest level. Beside acute injuries of all severity levels after Traffic- and Sports accidents, we specialize in Reconstructive Surgery. Another Subspecialty are newest techniques in the field of joint reconstruction, like ligament- and cartilage replacement or meniscal transplantation as well as joint replacement and complex revision endoprosthetic surgery. The Trauma Department has a special Trauma Intensive Care Unit, a seperate pediatric trauma unit and a unit for septic orthopedic surgery. Our outpatient Department offers a broad range of  Subspecialty Clinics.

The Trauma Department is integrated in a strong interdisciplinary network of all other trauma related departments, which enables us to offer solutions to the most complex problems at the highest level of care.

On the following pages, patients, medical professionals, students and other interest groups will find information about our Department, about injuries and diseases of the muscular-scelettal system and about current research projects.


I hope you will enjoy visiting our pages!


Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. C. Krettek, FRACS