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For a brief overview on us and our facility, please see our OnePager. You are welcome to use this in your grant proposal.

Organization and basic orientation
The Research Core Unit Genomics (RCUG) has been at your disposal for planning and implementation of modern high-throughput procedures for nucleic acid analysis since the beginning of 2017. The focus of our services are modern sequencing methods and microarray-based applications. Our staff has many years of experience in these areas of technology. Two complementary teams, one in the field of transcriptomics and the other one in the field of genomics, can take care of your project.

One of our key concerns is to ensure independence and transparency regarding the organization and development of the RCUG. For this reason great care has been taken in the selection of a suitable organizational concept. With this structure, we believe that the provision of the required services can succeed in the best possible way, i.e. transparent, fair, efficient and with high quality, for all research-based MHH workgroups.

In our function as a primarily service-oriented research core unit, we work according to the recommendations of the European Science Foundation and strive to implement your research project together with you in the best possible way. We provide a comprehensive range of information on all questions relating to

  • study design
  • possible pitfalls
  • particular challenges
  • analysis
  • reseach proposals
  • non-standard applications

and much more (see Services).

RCUG was created following the merging of the facilities RCU Transcriptomics and RCU Next Generation Sequencing.

  • The RCU Transcriptomics emerged from the central project of the SFB566 and has more than 15 years of experience in microarray-based mRNA expression analysis. An abdundance of relevant information, especially about microarray technology, can be found on the RCUT homepage.

  • The RCU NGS was founded in 2015 at the MHH with the aim of bundling expertise and resources around NGS-based technologies and making them available MHH-wide in the form of a Research Core Unit. You will find a lot of information, especially about the foundation, focus and strategic orientation, on the RCU NGS homepage.



The main task of the Research Core Unit Genomics is to provide all MHH working groups, institutes and clinics with basic access to NGS and microarray technology for the realization of their respective research projects.

In particular, the following aspects represent the underlying premises and core tasks:

  • Integration and bundling of existing expertise
  • Central service aspect
  • Quality control
  • Constantly growing expertise (avoiding "knowledge diffusion")
  • Openness: Transparent structures and "lean" decision-making processes

In our function as a primarily service-oriented research facility, we work according to the recommendations of the European Science Foundation.

Future prospects
The current plan is to move the RCUG to the emerging Centre for Individualised Infection Medicine (CIIM) center following completion of the construction. At the same time, a substantial personnel and infrastructural expansion of the RCUG is being discussed whereas the purchase of a high-performance NextSeq sequencer could be realized already. A modification of the basic orientation of the RCUG concept is explicitly not planned.