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    The Clinic of Pneumology is dedicated to the research of the pathophysiology of allergies and airway diseases including improvement of their treatment options in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (ITEM).

    The Department of Clinical Airway Research at the Fraunhofer ITEM provides a team of respiratory physicians, allergists, study nurses, physicists, medical technicians as well as medical documentation specialists to conduct clinical trials in healthy subjects as well as patients with respiratory diseases. With the newly established Clinical Research Center (CRC) Hannover at the Fraunhofer ITEM, a new platform is built for early phase clinical trials in which study participants can be intensively monitored and also stay comfortably in house for several days. The imaging unit, a biobank and a GCP-compliant laboratory for biomarker analyses in the CRC Hannover allow the investigation and development of innovative endpoints in clinical trials. In addition to analyzing the efficacy and safety of novel drugs, the effect of inhaled environmental pollutants and from workplace emissions on human health is another focus of research. A broad panel of methods for modern functional diagnostics in the field of allergies and respiratory diseases is available. Furthermore, inhalation challenges are possible, e.g. proof-of-concept studies in challenge chambers. Examination by bronchoscopy and non-invasive sampling of human material from the lungs are important research activities. The clinical research activities are complemented by preclinical working groups who study the pathophysiology and pathobiology of allergic and inflammatory respiratory diseases in animal models in vivo and in vitro.