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  • Our Strength - Advanced Medical Research



    The MHH, the only German university dedicated exclusively to health services ranks among the best research institutions in Germany.


    Transplantation and stem cell research/regenerative medicine, infectiology and immunology, as well as biomedical engineering and implants are core areas of MHH research.


    A close interaction of research, clinic, and education enables the development of innovative and sustainable treatment options for the benefit of all patients.




    In 2018, the MHH has succeeded in establishing two Clusters of Excellence under the German Excellence Strategy.


    Shaping the future together: with the Leibniz Alliance Hannover (LEAH), the MHH and Leibniz University want to.



    Guidelines for Research Transparency at the MHH



     Hannover, March 2018

  • Dean of Research:


    Prof.'in Dr. phil.
    Denise Hilfiker-Kleiner
    OE 6880
    Dept. of Cardiology and Angiology



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    Officer for Professorial Appointment Procedures:


    Petra Linke
    OE 9118

    Phone: +49 511 532-6023

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    For appointments, please contact the Research Officer!

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