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Erkhembulgan Purevdorj, PhD student

Project description


ErbB receptors in fetal lung development


Neuregulin1 (NRG1) is a critical component of mesenchymal induced type II cell maturation. NRG signals its effect on surfactant synthesis in the fetal type II cells via ErbB receptors. (1-5). We have shown that inhibition of ErbB4 in fetal rat lung type II cells led to a decrease in fetal surfactant synthesis (6). The main hypothesis of the proposed study is that deletion of ErbB4 or ErbB2 in the fetal lung will affect lung maturation by affecting surfactant expression and alveolarization.

Surfactant protein expression and alveolarization will be studied on HER4heart, (7) HER2heartmice (8).




Immunohistochemistry, In situ hybridization, Stereology, Western Blotting, Light and electron microscopy.




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Christiane Dammann

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