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  • Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure worldwide roaming access service, developed for the international research and education community.


    A special Service can be used to easily configure the W-LAN connection. Please use the DFN Eduroam CAT Service to download the MHH-tailored installer on a variety of platforms. Access to the MHH's eduroam network is automatically configured.


    1. Open DFN Eduroam CAT Service
    2. Switch language to english (GB)
    3. Click auf "download your eduroam installer"
    4. Select your Home Institution "Medizinischen Hochschule Hannover"
    5. Download the Installer for your operating system (OS)



    Possible eduroam access points in colleges or research facilities can be seen on a Map of the DFN

    For further information: Eduroam-Website


    This service allows registered students, researchers and employees from participant institutions to access Internet via WiFi all over the respective campus.


    So MHH Members can use this in foreign eduroam-facilities. The basic condition is a valid MHH-user name. The wireless network name is eduroam.


    The user-name needs to be entered during the registration.


    Example: Your user name is vip1234, the equivalent user name would be:


    Areas of the MHH which allow access to free WiFi for visitors, students and patients without AD account can be seen here.



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