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The singers of the MHH Chorus come from many walks of life: students, doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses and wine merchants. The MHH Chorus is open to all amateur musicians who wish not only to experience music passively, but also to participate actively in cultural life.

The MHH Chorus was founded in 1981 by students of  the MHH; Ute Schulze has been its director since 2002.

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The MHH Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1978 by Professor Dr Walter Stangel, then director of transplant medicine at the MHH. Under his direction, the ensemble has in the meantime become a full-sized symphony orchestra. Most members are MHH students and employees, but others are students and staff of other universities or people from other professions.

The work of the MHH Orchestra concentrates on musical projects which generally span the current semester. The Orchestra regularly gives concerts with excellent guest soloists, and is well established in the cultural life of the city of Hannover. New musicians are welcome for the upcoming season.

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