MHH Logo

Library for patients and MHH employee

Lending Library



·         for mobile patients and members of the MHH in the library room

·         bedridden patients are visited once weekly by a mobile library

·         borrowing books is for free

Lending Terms



·         one week for patients

·         two weeks for MHH employee

·         extension of lending period can be arranged

Books on offer



·        around 2560 books are available, including novels, anecdotes, lyrics, comedy, thrillers, spy, horror, fairy tales, science fiction, fantasy, adventure

·         non-fiction (history, politics, theology etc.)

·         psychology-guide/self-help, reference works,  dictionaries, biographies, foreign novels (English, French, Russian, Turkish)

·         Comics, books for young readers

·         games and audio books on cd 


A flea market is held on the 1st monday of each month from 14.00 hrs -16.00 hrs.



Please contact us in advance if you wish to donate any books!