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Literature research and supply

    The MHH library  offers you several opportunities to get information from the field of medicine.

    If you have any questions about literature research or library materials, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the information desk or write an e-mail.

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    Information Service:


    Tel.: +49 511 532-3326

    Fax: +49 511 532-163342



  • Catalogues



    Catalogue MHH-Library



    Hannover Union Catalogue



    Common Catalogue for all HOBSY-Libraries



    GVK Plus - with Online Contents


    GBV Common Union catalogue: access to the articles from more than 460 libraries in various states, as well as Online Contents (OLC) database of articles.

  • Journals



    All electronic or printed journals available in the library are registered in the catalogue.


    Print journals are stored in the stacks. These can be researched and ordered from the catalogue and are available within a few minutes after placing the order during the opening hours.


    The guidelines and user conditions for e-journals can be found here. 


    The licensed e-journals and freely accessible scientific journals are registered in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).

  • E-Books

    All e-books available in the library are listed in the catalogue. Instead of a signature you will find a link leading directly to the e-book.


    You have also access to e-books licensed via DFG. Enter the search word e-book in Data Bank-Information System (DBIS) .


    E-Books in the MHH-Library: Brief Information, Terms of use

    E-Books from Elsevier, Karger, Springer, Thieme, Urban & Fischer and Wiley can be found here.

  • Universtity Dissertations



    Dissertations are stored in the stacks. They can be researched and ordered from the catalogue and are available within a few minutes of placing the order during the opening hours of the library.

    A number of dissertations are also electronically available and can be found listed in the catalogue . Further information about electronical dissertations can be found here.


    Dissertation search in the catalogue of the MHH-Library: Video /YouTube (german)


    All german dissertations can be found in the Catalogue of the German National Library

  • Databases




    Database-Infosystem: DBIS Specialist Database Medicine

    Database-Infosystem: DBIS Entire Offer

    All licensed library database and freely accessible scientific databases are registered in the Database Infosystem (DBIS).


    Journal Citation Reports

    Assessment of scientific journals according to the criteria of the Institute for Scientific Information (e. g. "Impact factor").



    A single search protal for life sciences


    Google Scholar

    General literature search and link to mhh-library stock (external access)  

  • Search by subject


    To get an overview of the stocks for a specific subject, use search by subject.

  • Access to e-resources outside the MHH-campus

    Access to licensed library e-resources is possible only within the MHH campus.

    Employees and students are permitted access to library e-resources outside the MHH campus.

    For legal reasons access to licensed library e-resources is permissible only for those members of the above-mentioned Groups.

    Information how to access e-resources outside the MHH Campus can you find here.

  • Further Information



    Information in search for literature can be found in the brief information:General intructions for use.