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  • Guidelines - how to hand dissertations

    Depending on the Promotionsordnung there must be delivered a specific number of printed copies as well as an identical digital version of the dissertation to the library. After examination of the handed exemplars on the part of the library information is sent to the promotion bureau.


    For the printed copies is valid:

    - DIN A-4 Format

    - perfect binding (no spiral binding)


    For the electronic version is valid:

    - USB-Stick or CD-ROM

    - PDF-file (the complete work in one pdf-file, not protected by password and printable) 


    A part of the copies is sent to the German Central Library of Medicine (Cologne) and to the German National Library (Frankfurt on the Main). 

    Since 2015 these libraries have not archived the printed dissertations when the dissertations were published online. In this case the libraries sent back the odd prints to the authors or  disposed them.


    Habiblitation treatise will be also accepted (Guidelines to Habilitation).

    Guidelines - for publication of online-dissertations



    The MHH library offers all doctoral candidates to publish their theses online in the internet. This kind of publication is additional to the common printed version, according to the Promotionsordnungen . Postdoctoral theses are also accepted. (Hints for Habiblitation)



    The thesis in format "PDF" is placed on a document server wherefrom it is searchable. This electronic document is verified in the library catalogue OPAC as well as in the National Library Catalogue in Frankfurt. For making available no costs arrise. If possible, a permanent archieving will be given.


    • Release of an Online-Dissertation


      The original copy and CD in PDF form (not protected by password), also a declaration of consent are to be presented to "Promotionsbüro" who will then forward the data to the library.

      In general, after release of data, no more changes may be undertaken. Prior to electronic publication the following forms must be completed:






    • Reference for the Copyright


      The Deanery of Research provides guidance for copyright in connection with the publication of the dissertation.


    • Conditions of Contract


      1. Registration does not warrant any legal binding claim for electronic publication of dissertation. The library reserves the right to decide if the technical requirements are indeed suitable for electronic publication. The library undertakes no responsibility for any errors arising due to technical reasons.


      2. The responsibiblity for correctness lies solely with the author. Should photos/tables/questionnaires etc. presented together with dissertation not stem from the author in question, a license of approval must be sought prior to publication.


      3. Should the dissertation contain own material already published by another publishing house (e.g. journal articles, essays), approval of the respective publishing house must be obtained. A copy of the publishing house approval must be presented together with the declaration of consent.


      4. The author delegates the library the authority to proceed with electronic publication in internet and storage of data in the document server. The library holds the right to transfer the electronic version to the German Library and to other associated library partners.


      5. The library undertakes no responsibility in the case that a third party unlawfully downloads articles, undergoes amendments or forwards the work to another person without prior consent of the author.