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Drug Commission and Drug Commissioner

Safety - Efficiency - Independence

Responsibilities and goals:

The Drug Commission (Arzneimittelbeirat) monitors medication use within MHH. Generation and regular revision of the inpatient medication listing contributes to high quality, safe, and economically sound drug treatment at MHH. After each Drug Commission meeting, the current medication listing version is distributed through the MHH internet. Guidelines for rational medication use are prepared in close collaboration with clinical and clinical theoretical departments with expertise in the respective indication.  


The Drug Commissioner (Arzneimittelbeauftragter) directs the Drug Commission, with authority to issue instructions. The central pharmacy head is associate director. The Drug Commission is comprised of staff physicians of all clinical departments and representatives from clinical theoretical and theoretical institutes including the pharmacy. 


The Drug Commission usually meets four times per year. Applications for new medication listings have to be send two weeks in advance to the meeting to either the Drug Commissioner or the Central Pharmacy. Decisions will be based on results of clinical trials with sufficient methodological quality. 

Transparency and independence:

The Drug Commissioner announces potential conflicts of interest at least once per year during the Drug Commission meeting. Since 2007 it is mandatory for members of the Drug Commission and Applicants to disclose potential conflicts of interest to the Drug Commissioner. The information will be kept confident.