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AG Bohne

Cell- and Virus Genetics



“RNA rules” John S. Mattick




Cellular complexity arises from regulation and does not correlate with the number of genes.


The lab focuses on the regulation of gene expression at the RNA level. We aim to better understand viral and cellular RNA biology. In terms of viruses we dissect the regulation of herpesviral RNA expression. At the cellular side we are interested in non-coding mutations causing various human diseases. Both areas follow our central idea: A deeper knowledge of viral gene expression and the pathomechanisms of non-coding mutations both provide insight into cellular processes. 




Regulation of herpesviral gene expression


Molecular and bioinformatical analysis of a non-coding mutation causing an immunodeficiency



Retro/lenti viral vector technology




The lab uses the classical repertoire of molecular biology techniques. In addition, we focus on RNA analysis using radioactive northern blots for detection of mRNA and miRNAs, RT-qPCR, EMSA and RNA structure analysis. Our toolkit also comprises retro/lentiviral vectors and new technolgies such as CRISPR etc.