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Health Insurance

Health Insurance


Note: we will do matters of insurance, bank account etc. all together in the orientation weeks!!

Health insurance is a must in Germany! 



Our international students usually take a private international students' insurance:

(a public health insurance is very expensive, see below)


In gerneral:

To study at Hannover University (which includes Hannover Medical School) a record of health insurance must be given to the University, which is only available at a public Health Insurance company (ex. AOK, Barmer, KKH, or Techniker Krankenkasse). According to a new law, the rate is depending on the amount of stipend (salary). At the moment, this costs for students receiving stipends is approximately 230 € per month. The insurance covers doctor's care, hospital use and medicine. By signing the contract, you receive a health insurance card, which you can use at the doctor, hospital and pharmacy for direct payment through the health insurance plan.


The record of Health Insurance can be obtained when you receive the public standard insurance or:

  • you submit one of the Insurance Acknowledgements E 128, E 109, E 111, E 121 or E 122 from your home country to the public health insurance.
  • prove "private" health insurance from your native country. Then you will be exempt from the "legal insurance requirement".


You can go to every branch of a public health insurance company (e.g. AOK, Barmer, KKH or Techniker Krankenkasse).

We will take care of insurance matters during the orientation weeks!



About Insurance certificates


Foreign students who can produce the insurance certificate E 109 , E 111 , E 121 , E 122 or E 128, are, through their home country's health insurance system, health insured in Germany for the period noted on the certificate. The extent of your protection varies greatly between the different E- certificates. It can be limited to accident insurance or be comprehensive and include preventative measures. According to the level of insurance stated on your certificate, you will receive a health insurance certificate from the German statutory health fund, which you show to the German doctors and pharmacies. Your account will then be payed by the German statutory health fund, which, in turn, settles the account with your health fund at home. In this way, you don't need to worry about any costs. If possible, try to get the certificate E 128 because this offers the best protection! Make sure you know what your insurance from home covers, and further formalities.