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Some quotations:


"Structures of HBRS are already established in such an excellent way that one could expect a successful and sustainable support of young researchers as well as a continuous bridging between basic and applied clinical research in the future. Outstanding senior researchers will certainly attract even more excellent scientists to Hannover." (Evaluation in the German Excellence Initiative, October 2006)     


"The MD/PhD program 'Molecular Medicine' is a model for all future PhD programs in Germany" (Prof. Winnacker, DFG, June 2002)


"With the foundation of the MD/PhD program, the MHH takes a leading role in Germany. The program is well planned and structured. In a very good competitive selection procedure the best 20 students are accepted each year, while more than half are coming from abroad." (Scientific committee of Lower Saxony, August 2004) 


"The MD/PhD program was awarded the title 'Best practise program'" (DAAD, May 2005)


"The MD/PhD program is like family. Now I am really going abroad and will be a stranger" (Syed Raza Ali, finalist 2005, India, currently USA)


"I have chosen Hannover Medical School, Germany for the following reasons: (i) This is one of the pioneer research organizations of the world in terms of research excellence and quality of education. (ii) Faculty member of this organization holds high reputation as Scientist in international community (ii) It provides modern research facilities in Biological sciences/medical sciences. (iv) It provides English is the medium of study and communication. (v) Living in Germany is highly secured and healthy. The propose degree in this school will enable me to achieve strong experimental knowledge that is essential to advance my research based carrier." (appplicant from Bangladesh)


"Hannover is the hub of Biotech in Germany" (Sanjay Kumari, student, India)


"Medical University Hannover is a well known center of excellence. The school faculty consists of leading researchers engaged in frontline research." (Nozhat Safaee, student, Iran)


"Hannover Biomedical Research School attracts some of the best students from all over the world" (Nithin Krishna, student, India)


"Thank you so much once again for believing on my motivation and caliber as a young scientist. Thank you for having the faith on my ability and for allowing me to mature as an independent researcher during my time in Hannover." (Ananta Paine, finalist 2008, India, currently USA)