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In our institute two independent groups address basic questions concerning organ and tissue development, cell differentiation using the mouse as model organism and a variety of modern biochemical, molecular genetic, and transgenic methods and technologies. Transgenic mice as well as mutants derived by homologous recombination are essential tools to address the questions under investigation, and are being generated in the department. A third independent group investigates hepatotropic viruses (HBV, HCV, HDV, filoviruses) and diseases caused by them using in vitro assays including work in a biosafety level 3 facility.


The institute participates in the following study programs:

BSc Biology, Leibniz-University Hannover

MSc Biomedicine, Hannover Medical School

MSc Biochemistry, Hannover Medical School

PhD Molecular Medicine, Hannover Medical School

PhD Regenerative Sciences, Hannover Medical School

StrucMed (medical doctorate), Hannover Medical School

PhD Infection Biology, Hannover Medical School


In addition to the curricular activities we continuously offer individual lab rotations (≥6 weeks) for bachelor and master students, and the possibility to perform Bachelor and Master Theses (please inquire)

for open PhD positions please inquire or see the "open positions" pages of the groups.


Further information on indivual groups and their research programs can be found here:


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