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Early Registration and Abstracts:

January 02, 2007

Early Payments:

January 02, 2007



 Congress fees

Early Registration and Payment


   Late Registration and Payment
   (after Jan. 02, 2007)



Members         90,- €

   Members       120,- €

Nonmembers  140,- €

   Nonmembers  170,- €

Students        20,- €

   Students        30,- €

 Please show your Students ID when picking up your congress material and badge.



 Abstract fees




Registration procedure and submission of abstracts


Note: When you go onto the DPG homepage to submit an abstract, you will find that you have to register first and then can move on to enter your abstract.


1) Open the DPG web site (or use link "DPG online" on the local congress homepage)


2) Click button "For registering for the 86th congress......" and fill out the displayed form. Note that your name and affiliation as inserted here will be automatically used as header of all abstracts you want to submit.


For payments please note:

a) If you have a German bank account, please give your bank (Bankleitzahl) and account (account number) data required for payment by direct debit (Lastschriftverfahren).
b) If you only have an account outside Germany, please transfer your money to the account of the congress as indicated by the international bank code (BIC) and account number (IBAN).

Please do not forget to refer to "Fonds 17711014" and additionally "DPG2007". The Fonds number is very important, because otherwise your money will not reach the congress account.


3) After the form is completed, click button "send form" and wait for your reference number to be displayed. Your data and reference number are also sent to you via email. Please note carefully the spelling of your last name and the reference number, which enable you to come back to your personal area on the homepage to see the data and the abstract you have entered.


4) After receipt of your reference number you can move on to submit an abstract (you can also interrupt and come back later using your last name and reference number). Please read the "Instructions for abstracts" on the DPG homepage before continuing. To be able to write and transmit your abstract, you must "login" after filling out the white fields "last name" and "reference number". Then you must click on "register an abstract" and fill out the form giving title and authors of the abstract and choose the preferred form of presentation as well as the appropriate topic category (first and second choice out of the given list). Submit your form and await your abstract number to be displayed. Then continue to either enter the abstract text, strictly obeying the rules for formatting (please use "help" button for further instruction), or to edit an existing abstract or abstract title. The organizers will not correct any formal mistakes in the abstracts caused by the authors. All abstracts will be published in the form in which they have been submitted. Please make sure your abstract text does not exceed the red box in which it is finally displayed. If your text exceeds the red lines of the box, please go back to shorten it. Otherwise your abstract will be corrupted in the printed abstract book. You can repeatedly edit your abstract (always by the described login procedure) until the organizers stop this possibility a day before the deadline for submission of abstracts.






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