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General Aspects



Fellowships for doctors (trauma surgeons, orthopedic surgeons) from Europe and overseas have a long tradition at our Department. Since the founding of our institution in 1970, more than 1700 guest physicians and trauma fellows have spent time at our department between a few days up to two years.


The Trauma department runs:

  • over 100 trauma beds
  • 3 trauma theatres (Siemens 3D IsoC C-arm, VIVAS OR Tables, Computer Navigation System)
  • rescue helicopter and emergency ambulance staffed by the department
  • Trauma ICU with 8 ventilator beds
  • Trauma pediatric ward
  • Diagnostic trauma ultrasound service
  • Emergency room with 30.000 patient contacts p.a.


Regular Activities:

  • daily x-ray conferences
  • daily trauma ICU ward-rounds
  • daily patient review conferences
  • weekly mortality/morbidity meeting
  • weekly interdisciplinary tumor conference
  • weekly educational conference


Areas of expertise:


The well addressed areas of expertise are:

  • Polytrauma
  • Articular Fractures
  • Pelvic/acetabular fractures
  • Computer Navigation
  • Tumors
  • Sports Medicine
  • Prehospital emergency care


New IT based forms of emergency training with a special focus on trauma are currently established, since we are building up a computer based emergency medicine learning center at the moment.




There would also be plenty of opportunity for clinical research using a huge

  • prospective polytrauma database and a fantastic
  • pelvic trauma database with quite good follow up's which could also be used for short scientific projects.


Experimental work is possible in our

  • Computer Navigation Lab and our
  • Tissue Engineering Lab
  • Polytrauma/Sepsis Lab


Staff members:

Several of our staff members are internationally well known and respected for their significant contributions for better care of injured patients. This includes research related to the problems of reamed nailing and orthopaedic damage control, the management of pelvic fractures (Dr. Axel Gänsslen), computer navigation (PD Dr. Tobias Hüfner), accident research (PD Dr. Martinus Richter), Spine and Tumor Surgery (Professor Leonard Bastian) and minimally invasive surgery (Professor Christian Krettek) to mention only a few. They spend a significant amount of their time with teaching on international courses and workshops.

There are several other surgeons with excellent clinical skills who are experts in their field. These and all the other staff members are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you and are ready to discuss all related aspects of trauma.



As a trauma fellow performing a clinical fellowship in Germany you will have an observer-status. You are not allowed to perform any procedures on your own, as long as you don't have the German board exams. However, at our institution you can obtain a lot of clinical experience by assisting or observing operations. If you are interested in Emergency Medicine or Intensive Care Medicine, you can get an insight into our therapeutic algorithms of the management of multi trauma patients.



All the surgeons and residents speak fluently English, most of the nurses and many of the patients do so as well. Therefore, it doesn't usually take long that our guests are included in discussions and integrated into the team.



To get most out of your stay we have a limit of 4 guest doctors being at our institution at the same time. During your stay you will be associated with one of our Trauma Teams and get an excellent "inside-view" of the work, which is performed at our institution.



If you are interested, please send a detailed CV, a rough time table of your intended stay, the areas your are interested in and details about your language skills to Dr. Daniel Kendoff or Dr. Jens Geerling. They take care of the Hannover Trauma Fellowship Program and they will clarify further details.

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