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General information

for guest doctors, who are already accepted for a fellowship



Prof. Krettek's secretary has made available for 20 Euro a week a woman to clean the apartment so that you do not need to go and buy any kind of cleaning equipment except soap for washing your dishes.



There is a washing machine located downstairs in the basement, also in the basement as you come out of the elevators and take the first door to your right and then the second door to your left you will find a cupboard with your room number on it and inside there are located sheets if your wish to change your sheets. Dirty sheets can be placed in the bag which is found in the same room that has the clean sheets. A drier is not available , clothes can be dried in your room on a small rack that is provided.

Towels are difficult to obtain. They are available on ward 17 or 27 on the 7th floor, just ask one of your fellow doctors They can be dropped off for cleaning with your bedclothes at your apartment.



Most Germans drink bottled water which is carbonated. The tap-water in Hannover is not very tasty. Non carbonated drinking water is available at the supermarkets around.

A market is easily accessible from the Medical School complex. If you go through the main entrance and cross the Straßenbahn (small railway), turn left on the main road and then take a small walk to the right, you will come up to the first train crossing area. If you cross left, there is a market complex there. You should be aware that on Tuesday and Friday afternoon starting at about 1.30 until 6 p.m., there is an open air market with very reasonably priced food and vegetables. Otherwise, milk products and general food and office supplies can be obtained at the stores. Also, there is a post office which is located in the same small shopping complex called Roderbruch market area; and you will have to note the hours. Stamps are available there.



If you want to make long distance phone calls the best option is obtaining a telephone card for the telephone box. These are available for 10 and 20 Euro from the post office, local supermarkets or from the the small shop within the MHH.

If you decide to make international calls you can also use the telephone box. It will require at least 60 cents in a machine or your telephone card. An international calling card with toll-free dial in numbers can also be used. You can dial your numbers directly.



If you have a railway pass and you are traveling with a first class ticket in order to travel on the fast trains you will be required to make reservations. If you make reservations at the Hauptbahnhof there are very few people that speak English there. However you can go to the tourist office which is found right inside the post office near the Hauptbahnhof, and they will make reservations for you free of charge. You will also find English speaking people in that tourist office who can give you information. On the Straßenbahn an bus systems there are inexpensive tours available. In order to ride the Straßenbahn there is a 24 hour ticket which is available for about 3 Euro. Otherwise, there are booklets of 5 tickets available from the tourist office and the small shops at the MHH. This is the best deal for traveling.

It is very easy to get into Hanover. You take the number 4 Straßenbahn going to Kröpke; and to return you take it to the Roderbruch direction. These travel quite frequently, but you should know that on Saturday and Sunday they do not travel as frequently. The main train station the Hauptbahnhof is located right down the road from the Straßenbahn, so it is very easy to transfer from one station to the other.

With respect to clothing, clothes will be given to you when you come here. Generally speaking there are white shirts, white pants and white coats with your name on them. To have them washed they are placed up on station 17 in a bag which is marked. They come back near the Poliklinik. It can take up from a week to 10 days to get the clothing back, the shirts take a little bit longer. They are marked with a number, and therefore they will show up with the other doctor's clothing.


What to see in Hannover

There are large number of activities available in Hannover. Generally speaking, shopping in the the evening is available until 8 p.m., Saturday until 4 p.m. or 6 p.m., shops are not open on Sundays.

Walking the Red Line is very delightful, there is an excellent art museum, located across from the lake Maschsee. Several other historic museums are available in the city, all easily within walking distance of the major train station. There are also beautiful gardens at which they have scheduled fire works and classical music which is really worth seeing. Hannover is a slightly smaller city than the other German cities and not as many of the adult speak English. Most of the time if you look long enough you will find a student who is willing to help you. In most of the larger stores, you will find someone who can speak English with you and help you in any of your shopping needs. However, if you have a chance to pick up a little bit of German before hand it is really useful.

For more information go to tourist information


Other hints

The list of words that is useful for the operating room is "Schere" which is scissors, "Pincette" which is pickups, "scharfer Haken" which is sharp hook and "Venenhaken" which is vein hook. In the operating room, the nurses will instruct you quite vigorously on which pattern to follow for draping a patient. Someone will hold the leg as one of the surgeon preps. The down sheet is put on and then draping follows. Also they are going to tell you when you are getting too close to a sterile field if you are not gowned. You will find the nursing staff highly skilled and after they figure out your German they are really great to work with.

Don't forget to reconfirm any flight information on the way back. Prof. Krettek's secretary is most gracious in helping you to locate your airlines and make sure that your flight out is reserved.

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